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Master D.K. describes in the books a system of planetary and cosmic Initiations.

The system of 7 planetary initiations

The beginner who has completed the trialpath, accedes the first of 7 planetary initiations, which describe the path from step 15 to 22 of the Universal Doctrine and are also a part of "From Bethlehem to Calvary".
Higher initiations are not possible on our planet, because the planetary logos allows no higher initiations and the logos of our sun is in a meditationphase. The S.S. Kumara connects therefore with the (mothers in the) Pleyads.

The sytem of 7 cosmic initiations

This system was first published by A. A. Bailey. Hints on the big ONE in the center of the Universe(whom Yoganada mentions in his cosmic vision) and about Shiva, the cosmic regent of the first ray, who resides in the golden hall in the center of the universe.

The higher initiations of the higher Logosses(ONEs) were secrets of initiations and are for mankind of limited value because theses contents are a question of beleive as long as the disciple has no true initiation into this knowledge.
Each Logos has 7 permanet atoms in relation to the big planes of creation which he leavs back on the higher initiations while he receives a growing higher synthesis in the highest Divine.

Master D.K. points repeatedly on the ONE from Sirius, who is on the fourth cosmic initiation and who controls seven subordinate logosses and the complete karma of our earth.

We live regarding to D.K. in the Aura of the planetary logos, who is on the first cosmic initiation und tries to connect with other planetary logosses(but in reality moost of the planetary energies come out of the universe and from the sun).