Universal path


The universal Path   :   Introduction...

The searching person, who wants to enter the spiritual path, sees himself confronted with an offer of spiritual schools and yoga schools, which only vaguely identifies the path to be followed, so that he may have to reorientate several times or not be able to act purposefully.

The spiritual path is a transformational path of human nature, and a path of purification and development of the spiritual bodies through meditation and other techniques, which until a few centuries ago were subject to secrecy.

The Universal Doctrine describes this universal initiation path that any spirituality undergoes, at least unconsciously. It also describes the gradual spiritual development of man in the universe.

This doctrine was kept secret in the past, passed on orally to the high initiates and openly transmitted only in pictures or in parables, as in the Apocalypse of John, in the Tarot, in the Rosicrucianism and also in the Vajrayana, in the Gandavyuha Sutra of the Ekayana and in the Indian Upanishads, Puranas and Agamas.


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