The Sepher Jezirah

Der Zohar is the most important work of the jewish Kabbalah. The name means "Splendor or Radiance" and goes back on texts of the prophets Ezechiel (Ez 1,28; 8,2) and Daniel (Dan 2,31; 12,3). It is a mystical commentary on the Torah (the five books of Moses).

Further books are the Sepher Ha-Bahir, the Clavicula Salomonis and the Sepher Jezirah, the book of creation (Jah Jahve Sebaoth : Jesaja 6.3) :

Sepher Jesirah [1894, Lazarus Goldschmidt(1871-1950) ; El. Levi u.a.]

Chapter I :
In 32 hidden ways of wisdom drew Jah Jahve Sebaoth ,
the god of Jisrael, the living god and king of the world, the allmighty, compassionate and graceful god. High and exalted is HE and eternally living in the height. Holy is his NAME. Exalted and holy is HE. He created his world through the three counter-principles : Number, counter and counted things .......

Chapter II :
Ten numbers without anything and 22 big letters ,
three mothers, seven double and tree single .......
IV : 22 big letters, they are ordered in form of a circle, at 231 gates ...........
There is nothing in the good above "ONG" and nothing in the evil above "NGA".........

Chapter IX :
Ten numbers without anything. Their measure is ten but they are limitless. Thesere is a dimension of the beginning and of the end, a dimension of good and of evil, a dimension of the height and of the depth.
....... Their appearance is like a lightning. Their goal is endless. HIS word in within them while they are runnung backward and forward. On his order theiy run like a stormy wind, and they throw down before his throne.
ONE - the divine spirit ...
Ready is HIS throne since always. Praised is HIS NAME, which lives into all eterninties, eternally and always there. Voice, spirit and word, that is the spirit of the HOLY.
His begining has no begining and his end has no border.

Chapter XIII
1 : He choosed three letters of the simple letters (the secret of the three mothers A-M-Sch) and placed them into his big name and sealed with them the six ends :
5 : He sealed the height, then he turned upward and sealed it with J.H.V..
10 : He sealed the north, he turned to the left and sealed it with V.H.J.

An english text of the Westcott-Version of the "Sepher Jezirah".

P.S : In the Kabbalah the Good is in the Sephiroth(Cores) and the Evil is in the Qlippoth(Shells), on which the worlds of the lower creation is built up.

Comment of the author:

The 22 letters have relations to the 22 steps of consciousness. Their first letter is 'Jod', the divine flame. The Schem ham-meforasch as divine synthesis of all vibrations is unpronounceable.
Comparable with the unpronounceable 'Schem' is the Logos or 'Shabda' of the Ishvara Tattwa(Origin of Omkara). In the puranic myth sleeps Vishnu on the cosmic snake Ananta-Shesha on the milk ocean.

On the located below buddhic plane exists comparable the 'Pranava' as Maya in vibration (negative force or material ether). Therefore is the Pranava not perfect und has a polarity, and so exist on this plane 'good and evil(Qlippoth)' combinations of letters like "ONG <-> NGA" (and therefore dubious and destructive quabbalistische formulas, which represent specific forces).

In the indischen Mahabharata is a "Nâga" a snake or negative force, and her arch-enemy is the Garuda, who is often painted with a snake in its claws, as the famous Kundalini serpent, which is converted at the high-altitude within the chackrams (or should be...):
Mantrams with the ending "NGA" are in India unknown. A true master does not give such mantrams - but of course 'ong namo'.

The order of the letters in a mantram is also important(=sequence of effects -> JHW ; JWH etc.). The "Ong" is also knownin India and in Thailand as "Hong-Se", the 'white swan'.

Above these forces is the highest 'Para-nada' coming from "the feet of the highest lord" which enables the true perfect divine transformation of step 22 of the Universal Path.
Therefore the creation would be a divine relevation of the second ray(Vishnu-Narayana)
In other Hindu representation is 'Ishvara' the essence of and the creationist god above the Trimurti.

Science ends at a certain border where no numbers exist(forces of infinity, mahashunya). The divine world is not understandable for the intellect. Many hight laws of spiritual nature can be described with mathematics. At the moment man does not have the intuitive intellect to describe these higher worlds even though there are attempts to describe the world with more then three dimensions. How could he describe something that he does not know !

The apocalypse(revelation) 14 of St. John in the "New Testament" describes God a bit different than the cabbalists : " ...the anger of the lamb and of the one who sat on the throne".
In the old kabbalist books only "Quodesh", the "holy one", is described as a graceful and benevolent divine ruler.

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