Tarotcard 2


2. The priestess

She has no real crown on her head but a crescent moon and a white cloth with a slit, as a reference to the long lunar cycle of the four phases of this stage.

She still sits and her hands lay on the knees.  In her right hand she holds a wisdom book with a yin-yang imprint. In her left hand she holds a cross and a key.

Behind her are a  blue and a red pillar with an attached white curtain cloth which has a yellow  backside.

It symbolizes the veil of Maya (Isis), which begins to air. 

The floor is tiled with black and white tiles.

Her long dress is  blue, and her long coat is red and green inside.

Into the left side of her seat ist a dark  sphinx integrated. The face of the sphinx is still very human and the curled hair is not like of  the sphinxes of tarotcard 7. The vital nature is now awakened.

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