Tarotcard 7

Tarot 7. Der chariot


The neophyte stands here like a ruler  in a carriage under a protective four-bar canopy which is painted with 12 five stars and points to the connection with the four cosmic elements of the zodiac.

In the right hand he holds a dark scepter as a sign of his strength . On his head he has a crown with three five stars.


The cubical wagon has a logo with two wings  and a red fame  at the front, which is surrounded by two snakes.

It points to human sexuality.

The two wings symbolize the overarching logos(pranava).

The shape of the wagon also points to the just completed earth element cycle, the second subcycle of the fourth total cycle.

The 4 * 3 five stars of the canopy point to the connection with the 4 cosmic elements of the zodiak

The two sphinx-like throneers with lion-paws rest. Their abdomen is united and the head resembles pharaoh masks. Their upper bodies are separated and they look in opposite directions.

A black Sphinx had already been depicted on the Tarot Card 2 on the left in the seat of the High Priestess.

They also refer to 'Oedipus and the sphinx' and to the Nemean lion of Greek mysticism, which Heracles has killed at this stage.

This is also the esoteric background of the legend of Noah who builts the ark and can only save one animal of each race from the flood. The lower nature of man is now

On the following card 8 the separation of the good from the evil takes place.

On card 10, the Sphinx is spiritualized.

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Triumph ( Magic balance )



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