Gheranda Samhita


The Gherandasamhita (Sansk. gheraṇḍasaṃhitā ; Gheranda's collection ) is one of the most important scriptures of Hatha Yoga.

The text comes from the second half of the 17th century and is thus younger than the Hathapradipika. The Author Gorakhnath was a member of the Natha Pantha.

The Gheranda Samhita is a manual of yoga taught by Gheranda to Chanda Kapali.

It leads to Ashtanga Yoga and also contains verses from the Goraksha Samhita (Goraksha Paddhati).

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The Gheranda Samhita speaks of a sevenfold yoga :
  1. Shatkarma for purification
  2. Asana for strengthening
  3. Mudra for steadfastness
  4. Pratyahara for calming
  5. Pranayama for lightness
  6. Dhyana for perception
  7. Samadhi for isolation

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