TM - Movement


Or : The failed Worldgovernment of the age enlightenment of the late Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his followers.

Spirituality underlies scientific researches form the side of neurology, which measured changes of brain(better: head-skin)-waves during meditations and breath-exercises. At the same time, of course, spirituality was 'scientific' reduced to a neural level. So exercises of spirituality are abused for modern life to reduce stress  and to compensate the shortcomings  of modern life('stress').

The TM-Meditation is  a simple Mantra-Meditation. The connection of alpha-waves and coherence of brainwaves ( more precisely : scalp currents  )with yoga-samadhi is unproven and not probable. More probable are Gamma-Waves as a sign of  higher states.

  The propagated  flying-siddhis were never proven nor presented, not even by the guru Maharishi himself.

== Literature ==

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