The books of Jacob Lorber


== The gospel of John ==


Besides the telepatic transmitted books of  Alice Bailey exist the older also telepatic transmitted books of the austrian author Jakob Lorber (1840-1864) and others.

Inner reveltions had already before fathers of the church like Hieronymus and Augustin, later also the medieval Mystics and others like Bernhard of Clairvaux, Tauler, Suso and Thomas of Kempis.

Jakob Böhme and Emanuel Swedenborg wrote their books on the basis of visions and intuitions.
The inner voice heared on the other hand Rulmann Merswin(Neun Felsen) and J. W. Petersen(Tausend Offenbarungen des Geistes) and Johann Tennhardt(Unterweisung vom inneren Worte Gottes).

Jakob Lorber says that he received these books through the inner voice in the heart. But the content is mostly so imaginative and mystical that it must appear like a derision of the reason to the modern people.

In most of the  scientific parts they are obvioulsly false and aggravate the beleif of the esoteric interested modern christian.

== Jakob Lorber - The writing knight of God ==


According to the statements of his biographer Leitner, Jakob Lorber read also books by Jakob Böhme, Johann Tennhardt, Emanuel Swedenborg, Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling and Justinus Kerner in addition to the Bible.

The books of Jakob Lorber (1840-1864) come therefore probably from several sources, because they are not consistent. They were corrected by the later Lorber publishers because of the bugs and some of the content. Their content is still today sometimes so fantastic and mystical, that they must appear to the human mind as a mockery. The somehow cloddish style matches not with high spirituality. But J. Lorbers states that it is so for the sake of deterrence.

Beside a variety of esoteric correct and proper explanations are much more scientifically obsolete and most obviously false statements, and may hamper the faith of esoteric interested modern Christians. I will in the following rather discuss the religious contradictions.

The books represent a doubtful 'New Revelation' of the life and deeds of Christ: It can also be taken out that Jesus gave his disciples several times instructions for the secrecy of certain teachings. He says there:
"You need not to announce the extraordinary to all humans, but only to those, who will follow you in the office.",{Jak.Lorb. ; Ev08.077, 17}
"I say to all of you that You should not teach all to the peoples, what I said to You."(Jak.Lorb. ; Ev05.117, 07)
"Johannes and Matthew asked me whether they should to write down all this. I said answered them : 'You can do that you for yourself, but for the people you do not need to note that, because it is still around 2000 years too early, to understand that."(Jak.Lorb. ; Ev02.218, 14)

The books are therefore in many ways a dubious 'New Revelation' of the work of Christ.

It is apparent from the books that Jesus has several times given statements to his disciples to disclose certain doctrines. It says there :
"You need not to proclaim the extraordinary to all men, but only to those who will follow you in office. "(Jak.Lorb. Ev 08.077, 17).
"I tell you all that you should not teach all to the people what I told you now. "(Jak.Lorb. Ev 05.117,07)
"John and Matthew asked me whether to record it all. I told them this: 'This can do for you, but for the people you need not to record this, because that's about 2000 years too young to take that '. " (Jak.Lorb. Ev 02.218,14)

"Therefore must in this time both the old and even more the new in particular to Me contradictory nonsense be eradicated in these gospels completely - and I with him self, that the only constant and true Gospel of John shines in its full light.
Because everyone will easily understand and realize that I cannot exist anymore for the length of time from the standpoint of the four Gospels, and so many letters of Paul and other apostles too - because every therin occurring contradiction makes Me before the scholars of the world to a contradiction. " (Gifts of heaven 3, verses 23 and 24)

"What these two angels of God, and what I as the Lord himself from the former's return Christ had predicted, has now come to maturity and will happen soon. The preparations have already almost all been put into effect. The hearts of men look now like this time with their horrible symptoms. They are ambitious; avarice, envy, feeding, gluttony and fornication, fully strife, contention, slander, full of robbery, War, death and pestilence of any kind strife, lack of love and most ruthless have taken possession of them, so has now come such a sadness come over mankind which this earth has not yet taken before and not yet tasted. It is therefore necessary to put an end to this dreary time soon, because otherwise even those who currently are counted to the elected, could suffer shipwreck. (Lorber : Heavenly gifts, Band 3, 6.)

To his own return, he comments: "On my second arrival i will not be reborn from a woman as a child. Because my body stays glorified as I as a spirit in eternity, and so I dont need a second body in the way as now on earth. " (Return of Christ, 2)

The cosmic man


The various books describe in a fabulous way all sorts of people everywhere in the universe and the many planes of creation, and they even give an "explanation" of the origin of the universe with a fallen over-cosmic spiritual cosmic beeing, whom the creator 'examinded' after almost infinite times for true absolute Godlove (at first he took him away everything), and who was then stuck into the matter because because of its awakening pride and attack - attempts against his creator, and who was then "materialized" to the "Lucifer Satanas".

The haughty and proud Lucifer-Satan had so lost his power after he was binded to the material plane.
The same examination, however, takes place periodically from eternity to eterniy, forever and ever and with the same result. The origin of the "matter", however, remains unexplained with the exception that it was created out of the forces of pride of the Lucifer Satanas.

So Lucifer Satanas was banned into the matter and will not convert to his creator again until he is soled up. Therefore, 'he may stay there until his self-dissolution and develop the goal of hate' on our earth(...).
Then "God" created seven very much bigger cosmic spiritual beings, as only one of his many incredible creations. However was in the fallen Lucifer Satanas allegedly about 30% of His power bound.
[This could mean that the power of the creator god is limited and that this God is identical with the indish Ishvara, but things are still more complicatet.]

The worldview of Lorber shows this cosmic being, which was overthrown eons ago in the matter, and from whose energies ultimately uncountable universes were materialized forming his physical body as a kind of "atoms" with a huge distance - a bit irritating in comparison to the modern Big Bang (with its unsolved problems), although such a fall of a Purusha(Param-Atman) into the Maya would be possible. Hinduism speaks too of millions of spiritual universes (Brahmandas).

Parallel to the fall of the cosmic man fell countless creatures who lived in him (about 15 % - but that was all right for the unconditionally creator-god.

"Self-love, selfishness, arrogance and domination are the root causes of the compaction of the soul substance to matter. Out of this compression process of subtle-mental substances developed the first material primaray suns in the cosmos. ( J.L. ev04.105,01)
This is all for Jesus still all right as long as only God is behind it, as he says he is too. ( i.e he is lying as it suits him, especially also regarding to free will of man inspite of divine onmipotence).

[The Jainas know similar a cosmic man, and the Radhasoami-Movement and Eckankar know a kosmic man ''Kal-Niranjan'' out of whom the allegedly kind and gracious and compassionate Satpurush created the lower worlds because Niranjan wanted to have his own region - even thogh he was alone with the creator....]

But consistent thinking deleivers a lot of contradictions, especially since Jesus claimes to be involved in the indian divine revelation, which similarly knows creation and dissolution of the 5 lower planes of creation (Yugas) with a nearly eternal periodicity. The periodicity of this fall for ever and ever leaves  an ambiguous impression of a planned and wanted periodic fall of the cosmic Lucifer Satana.
Along with the determination of the world by the divine omnipotence gives this rather the impression of a conscious "test" as a pretext to make the cosmic 'Lucifer Satana' an active opponent to the creator, to push him into the matter and to create the lower planes up to the material goal of the evil, which would not be created otherwise.
Also, the seven thereafter created spiritual beings will solve up after an eternity and will not be examined for "unconditionally true god love' like the Lucifer-Satana".

On the other hand, Jesus says there, that our world is a creation of the "wrath of God", which but does not mean that God is angry with us, but that God had created the world through the power of anger. Is not reflected here, that these "wrath-forces" can even come from activities of the divine. [Maya with its angry and destructive properties results also within the union of the forces of Maha-Shiva and his Shakti.]

The scenery changes suddenly from over cosmic into our little planetary system.
Here on our earth may his 'evil core' develop the "goal of evil and hatred, but without really being punished for his actions related, because on this planet the souls were given by god literally as fodder, and billions of souls perished and perish.
So could the Creator God - in his unconditionally lovable kind - create everything out of the power of anger creatable, which exists from his higher eternal standpoint only for a while and solves up again.
True compassion he knows obviously not and only his plans and his will (but he insists that man has afree will and makes him responsible for his acts.)!

For comparison, says the Indian master Sri Aurobindo in his "Life Divine" that our world is not a wayward creation, which God should withdraw better quickly, but that it had been deliberately created to let the consciousness raise of the matter and that in a few centuries a limited divine race can appear on earth. (Whether the incarnated masters like to be here and manifest here voluntarily is not a subject...)
The "Mother" and Sri Aurobindo also said that God wants that things are on earth as He wants them to be, and Sri Aurobindo said that he can only see God and his plans and his will in the world and in mankind.

Furthermor she spoke of a divine being which was created and then pushed into the abysm of matter by the highest Lord for alleged salvation of the universe - the origin of all avatars. (This being will probably have enjoyed his push off into the abyss...)

[Regarding to A.A. Bailey exists in parallel to the resolution of the Satanas-Lucifer (i.e. of the lower planes) a well tuned system of divine hierarchies with cosmic initiations, which is connected with the timecycles of the material universe. Therefore it becomes clearer that the fall of the Lucifer-Satana(Kal-Niranjan) was a part of the determinated divine plan and not just an examination. ]

Jesus (or Mr. Lorber) makes then as an example of absolute conformist subservience and then relative extreme power the "people " in all planes of creation responsible for everything. They had a 'free will' and are thus responsible for the consequences of their actions because they could not see the results immediately.
On the question how something can resist to the omnipotence of the divine will at all, so that "God is in reality nothing but an 'eternal tyrant' and therefore responsible for everything, he has at first no answer. Then he replies that he is actually the Lord and can do whatever he wants and that God has his own plans. Finally, even he admits that, that God wants that things are as they are, but that does not change its attitude.

He admits indirectly that this force existed already before the fall of Lucifer-Satana.
Since God can not have been angry at nothing, he must already otherwise have generated this power and also tend to anger [as the Revelation of John says: "And no one could withstand the wrath of the Lamb and of Him who sat on the throne."] So God looks down on the lower worlds with anger - in contradiction to J. Lorbers sight.
This physical force was thus present at a large extent, even before the fall of Lucifer-Satana. [It is regarding to A.A. Bailey also generated within the cosmic initiations; Hinduism describes the generation of Maya during the union of the forces of Shiva and Shakti; in the old European mysticism we live in a creation out of the anger of the Lord(dark clouds).]

Jesus admits there are only indirectly that he is not the Mressiah expected by the Jews (GEJ.03_oo6.1; jl.ev07.166.15), who according to the Jewish prophecies should not be born in Galilee. [Whose life is at Jesaja chapter 53 quite differently presented, and from the modern churches comes mainly a suffering-propaganda for Jesus.] He also speaks of a Anti - Messiah( Lorb.: Evangel. Joh., jl.ev06.216.12), who will haunt the Jews until the millennial kingdom of light.
He also reveals the secret name "Jeshua-Ra" on which the early Christians have meditated allegedly.

"The kingdom of God has come in me to you and is with you and among you. But that's not enough to achieve and complete the preservation of the eternal life of the soul, because the kingdom of God in me has well come to you, but it has still not penetrated you. This can and will first happen when You have absorbed my doctrine into Your will without any regard to the world and thus into your full activity. If this will be the case, then you will not say any more, "Christ and with him the kingdom of God has come to us and dwells among us" but you'll say "Now I do not live but Christ lives in me!" He is silent, however, as far as possible on the way there.

J. Lorber : Scripture text explanations :
Christ stresses repeatedly the importance of love and God's love and humility and places little value on the wisdom, which he compares with the garments of the beings and the Tree of Knowledge.
[A. A. Bailey Bailey emphasized, however, that the mystics must finally become Occultists and must develop equally the qualities of head and heart. (A.A.B.:Esot. Phil. S.46)]

15.9: "So here also indicate the poor clothes of the disciples, with which the ass was covered, the pure divine wisdom, and if such fertile love gets out of her humility dressed out with such pure divine wisdom, then first they fit perfectly to welcome the Lord and carry Him, and is also with the Lord completely one.
20 : "By the very fact that the Lord rode a donkey covered with scanty clothes, showed the Lord exemplary that they should mentally do the same and should out of her humility only set on fertile true love : Then the Lord will make them free from all over the world and will clothe them with the clothes of true wisdom and he will lead them, then, as she wears it, that is such a love in her heart and on the back of her humility."

20.4 : The 'lake' means the world. The 'headwinds' are the doings of the world and its Lust, against which a right-wing skipper to the fourth watch of the night, which means his last Days of life, has to struggle his whole life, because at 'night' the material life in this world is understood.
The Lord is not in the ship. Why not? Because He is not in the world. Because the ship means the people living in the world, with which the Lord is not because of their freedom.
20.6 : But the Lord wanders wonderful behind the skipper and goes through all the swells and waves of the world as if they were solid ground. He does not bother the sailors on the lake. When He encounters one, then he passes by, so that He does not bother in his freedom. (Ann.: It is not a sparrow who falls from the roof without the will of God - or at least ?)
20.7 : But when he meets a ship that bears his disciples. i.e. those people who recognize him and call him, , he approaches the ship yet, although he usually also would pass, because the ship carries his disciples, oo in other words : In man there is a heart that loves the Lord, that believes in him and calls him.

Further the explanations to the Apocalypse.

Haughtiness is for him the root of all evil. Even the dark rain spirits are haughty, and only the radiation from the sun frees them from pride, through which they rise again.

"But in this country, where I am now pursued from one place to another by the Jews of the Temple like a criminal, and that will be trampled in that time by dark heathen, will I personally not appear again first. Well but in the Land of another parts of the earth which is now inhabited by the heathen, I will start a new empire: an empire of peace, harmony, love and perpetual living faith".(- a very short time of illusions -´)

The Antichrist :

The real Antichrist is the prevailing tendency of so many people, where only the head works and the heart is doomed to a halt. So you should see the head or calculating mind as "Antichrist" , who drives long ago on earth and tries to explain people with seductive arguments that only what the mind can grasp and illuminate what is true. But what the heart feels or suspects is merely fleeting mist of an excited fantasy. Therefore, the doctrine of the materialists as the last stage of understanding wisdom. Therefore, the craving for pleasure and the means to satisfy the latter. Therefore, the contempt for everything noble, good and sublime, therefore, "the knowledge and not faith". And yet people forget what I once said, "Your knowledge is all piecemeal.

  The Return of Christ :

At that time, however, when the people will communicate from one end of the earth to the other as fast as lightning und run over the furthest distances with the use of fire- and water-bound spirits, will the news of my personal return be easily spread over the whole earth in a short time, even to Asia.
But there is the question : Will the message find faith in the blind and deaf pagans of this part of the world? I mean and say : Hardly before it is be purified through a large world court! But there is a large country in the far west, which is surrounded on all sides by great world ocean and nowhere related to the seas with the old world. Outgoing from that land will people hear great things(Anm.: and be deceived by a false teaching !)
....and in this sun will I (Jesus Christus?) come back on this earth. This visible heaven and this earth will pass in the length of time, but my words,, which i have send to you will not pass away!

He also speaks of the coming world-war as a "humiliation of the pride of humanity", but which is an ultimate consequence of the social oppression and ruthless selfishness of the people in leadership positions, and His return and the return of the 'Sun of man'("woe to mankind if the 'Son of Man' turns away his heart from mankind"), and the later final judgement, in which 70% of the souls will not come through, followed by a spiritual age of 1000 years, in which a big take off the 'garments of pride " will take place.

After the great war, the survivors would abolish the military and put all the leading people against the wall. Then they would choose leaders out of their own rows and build up a social but not a spiritual age. Only long after the 'Final Judgement' would take place.
(Something similar I have decades ago read in an in-house magazine of a deceased Rosicrucian master (J. Van Rijckenborgh - Unmasking - shadow of coming events) : Millions of ashgray faces will then rise from the dust and depose the powerful rulers of the world.)
About India, he says in this context, "this 'evil country' would by that big War receive a great humiliation, but he distinguishes explicitly not so much between the local indish Revelation of God and his revelation.

His promise that he will fulfill all the wishes to those who really love God He commented for example "... but who really loves God has no other Desires than God himself", and "Who is really humble murmurs not but takes his fate."

Similar nice sets can there be found:

"Can I tolerate that next to me something equally "Perfect" grows up.
[Arrogant comment: Why he speaks of perfection I've never understood.] So he must have use himself as scale. Perfect ice-cold Ruthlessness and total hypocrisy is of course also a perfection.]
"I am the Lord, and I tolerate nothing except myself" characterizes ultimately his entire Occur.

In particular, Jesus stressed out there how important it is for him to be truly loved. Then he get so ... He seems somehow to lack of perfection, possibly because he represents not the highest divine but only the Creator God.

"If the pride of the people is too big, then I send them a mighty demons as Warlords who humiliate them". [Arrogant comment : He, who presents himself as the personified humility, uses also the negative forces[of pride and evil] and he uses furthermore the principle of the watering can. Each agent is quite obvious to him !]
Thus, you can understand how a tyrant under humility and humiliation sees.

'If someone asks me for help, then I humble him completely until he is at the very end, and then I help him out enough so that it can rebuild itself.'
This is really not a 'compassionate and mercyful J. J. Zebaoth' or a 'graceful and mercyful Radhasoami', however, it is more like an ice-cold Egoist - who uses any means and is lying as he sees fit.) Therefore it is probably better not to ask and pray to him - to the 'good and gracious shepherd'.
He "helps" not before the damage has already occurred - the 'good Shepherd'.

So is the sentence that "he prefers if someone tells the whole truth" more the goal of hypocrisy.

"An angel has a maximum of 15 minutes a day for himself, who spends more time for himself is a devil".

(The scenery changes suddenly from the over cosmic in our little solar system.)

For the chief devil of our planet, he has another explanation: This being had formerly lived on a now shattered planet Mallona that now forms the asteroid belt.
About 18,000 years ago, he had persuaded  technically very advanced people there unconsciously to blow the volcanic planet apart by low-risk drilling, which caused seawater to flow into the depths. Some very large bodies of these people had fallen on our earth without burning up completely. After that that devil was free from binding to the matter, which restricts his power completely.
It was later a war in heaven, where, and the divine angels (according to legend, it was the archangel Michael of the planetary Logos and his colleagues - more than 10,000 years ago) who then stuck him into our earth. Here he was again tied to the matter and was caught, but spoiles everything with his evil negative radiation and tries to destroy and to spoil the souls and awaken their animal instincts. Therefore, his aim is to burst out the earth by misleading the people, for example by war, but that will God not allow this time.
Jesus hold him at the moment caught in the center of the earth where the top hell is.
He will at the time when the sun will expand to a supernova and  the earth and the other planets will be dissolved by the fire of anger at that time.

According to Rudolf Steiner (see controversy in the sky) "the scattered planetoids are the rubble of a battlefield in which the primal secret about the origin of evil must be sought" (GA 109, p. 228f.)

Some knowledge in J. Lorbers books like the supernova and the moons of Saturn is strange. On the other hand, there is scientific nonsense like :
Said the chief magistrate: "I have now so a little light, but the how - how the birds use the water for flying, is to me of course still unclear."
Raphael said : Behold, every bird is within so arranged that he generates as much of the pure hydrogen out of his inner Water supply , which is an extremely light and subtle kind of air, , as he needs to fly, – what he can exactly calculate with his instinct. With this pure hydrogen he fills all his bigger and smaller quills and bone tubes in a moment and becomes a light as a human hair..." (Großes Ev. Joh., Bd 10, Kap. 227 Vers 1 etc.)
bzw. the knowledge about Earth and moon(The natural earth ; The moon; Die natürliche Sonne) - and the alleged "Residents" there.......

Unfortunalely one can see from the fact that the devil and his allegiance were stuch into our earth instead into the sun(which would solve him up) or into a dead asteroid oder moon, how icecold God sees mankind.

Our planet is first since those incidents an esoteric hell ! The sentence "Of the many earth planets people of this earth hate me the most, although I have done for this earth the most", is really the goal of his veiling. Is he gracious and kind and loving? At least he is also a pitiless monster.

Why then was the asteroid disaster not prevented and the local Devil  not locked there ?
On the other hand, the "devil" as the core of evil is not somehow not touched ("let him develop in the middle of the earth to the summit of evil"), and there is no indication that he will have to suffer the same fate as punishment, he brought the souls, which he spoiled and ruined unhindered. He seems to survive the predicted spiritual "Age of a thousand years" und to live until the supernova of the sun in a few billion years, and he will be dissolved by sun-fire.
Thus is the divine justice and compassion and humility. God proves to be an indirect preserver of the evil which was created with his own "Power of anger (Maya)" and the Divine continues to produce this force for ages.

I want to quote another three points which disclose the insincere attitude of the divine to his creation :

1.: " But who will get in the way and say : Lord, You are a cruel God, have a pleasure in the blood of the slain and act like an eternal tyrant ! To him be said : The master is not there that his works judge him, but He will judge them right and just. You shall therefore not say: See, this folk is right and that is wrong, or this or that commander does accursed than its predecessor.
Also you shall have neither joy nor sadness, that this or that party has either won or has been beaten. In general you shall not even care so much, whether what is happening now is right or wrong. Because I let all happen so and mean, that I am master enough to do it, and I am wise and good enough! ´ For if someone thinks to be wiser, may he tame the elements, determine the course ofthe stars command the winds, the sea and the mighty fire inside the Earth.
I say to You: Meddle into nothing and stay at home, so that i come soon, that i meet you at home and make you strong and take you up into my newly established kingdom on earth and in all stars !
[Ann.: But which will first take place after a rebellion and a storm of indignation in the cosmic heavens in the center of the universe (Regulus) against the methods of his rule and about the creation of such worlds before the highest deity, as indicated elsewhere in Lorbers writings.]

2.: But as a power wins, obey the power that has prevailed since. For it would be no power, if it woere not out of me! When I accepted the court of Pilate, and did not resist, as it was about my own body, so do not murmur in your security about what is happening now. Without my Will falls no sparrow from the roof and even all Hairs of your head are numbered. How can these things happen are now, without my will.
But if this is my will because the world itself wanted it and still wants, so it is my sorrow to protect those who hold on to me and leave everything to me. Ist aber das mein Wille darum, weil es die Welt selbst also wollte Know ye not that my decrees are unfathomable and my ways are inscrutable.

3. : You say, "Lord, let the false prophets in your name never come up ! But if You want to have it so then it must be right to You, if You will find no faith under people at Your comimg return on earth ! no faith can find! "
But I say this: " The short-term human reason judges after their insight rightly, and it cannot much be said against it from this worldly sight. But God as the creator and eternal preserver of all things and beings has again very different views and plans with all that he has created out of himself. And so He knows best of all, why he allows this and that among the people of this earth. At the end all superstition is cleared away only with the weapons of science and arts from the bottom of the earth, but no one is led astray in his free will in the least. This will in time probably result in a full faith emptiness among men, but such a state that will only last a very short time.
First at that time I will bless the old tree of knowledge, and the tree of life in people will go back to his old power. Then there will be only one flock and one shepherd. Such faith as now I will find in those future periods almost certainly never, but another. Of what it will consist, you cannot make an idea now. Regardless, it will one day come as I have told you before.

One can think of these books in many ways. They are strange and fantastic and present already at that time a description of the cosmos with galaxies but with the REGULUS as central sun[in the work of A.A. Bailey is Regulus the Legislature of the Zodiac] and 7 classes of stars until the comets, whereas the existence of galaxies was first konwn since (Hubble).

Even modern knowledge, like the one that the universe has the shape of a flat ball (regarding to Lorber is the expansion limited by the forces of the Central Sun ), and that our sun will end in a supernova, and then drag the planets back into itself is found there.
[ dazu : Lorber : " The cosmos from spiritual sight" ; pg.95 ; pg.103 ]

Even a judgment for our time is described there : "But a natural fire will waste many places in that time. For at that time will people begin driven by earthly greed like evil worms to irrupt in the depths of the earth and seek and gain all sorts of treasures.
But when they will come to the mighty primeval forests of the earth and use them for fuel, for melting of metals and for many other things, will they prepare the final judgement to themselfs. At most will have those to suffer who will live in large cities of the mighty rulers of the earth.

Finally a few quotations to the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures :
"On such a fruit from the yet unblessed tree of knowledge can no higher heavenly truth be put. Otherwise a fruit will come to light which one could throw to the dragon as a devour, but do not give the people for food. And see and save it well: Out of such fruits like will emerge the false prophets with all their Heresies and false miracles and spoil more than three quarters of the earth.

For they will seek to unite my truest gospel with the theorys that exists between the people with Superstition mingled science and less effective arts in the belief that they would be easier acceptable to the people. One will of course always pollute my teaching more and more.[Ann.: ie. Psychology and Wellness]
A person can never grasp the deeper psychic truths completely in its full depth, as long as she does not know the ground where she stands and walks as a natural man!
.. And this because the said science the inner writing and the inner language of the soul and spirit in the soul is. Who has lost this language can impossible understand these texts and this language appears to him in his dead world light as a folly. Because the living conditions of the mind and soul are different in nature from that of the body.
So are also the spiritual hearing, seeing, feeling, procure thought, the speech and writing very different from here in the people in the world of nature. So can what a ghost does and speaks only be made comprehensible through the old principle of Equivalent to the natural science people .
Therefore Your elective slogan should be: " Give to the emperor what is his, above all, however, to Me what mine is ". Thus you live the best with the world and with Myself and will be in all situations my true children. AMEN "

  Besides others books  J. Lorber published the books of a master Emanuel (Household of God), who teaches in contrary to Jesus that God is directly and indirectly responsible for everything. Everything must therefore be the way it is. The evil satanas lucifer appears there and states, that he had only fallen off because the sudden examinations were so extreme.

Resumee :

Most of the conents of the above 'Gosple of John' and his other books  are scientific proven false even though they contain a lot of wisdom. The bad fairy tale of the free will of man stands in contradiction to "Without my will falls no sparrow from the roof, and even all hairs of your head are numbered. How can these things happen now without my will."

Also happens no entry into the divine kingdom by just reading these books.

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