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Regarding to a statement of Alice A. Bailey were 19 of her 24 books telepathically dictated by a late tibetan master Djwhal Khul, whose name is unknown in Tibet. D.K. presents himself as a master of the second ray of a "White Brothership" of the S. S. Kumara, and the sloppily  books are focused on this brothership.

Lucis Trust has put the english books online and claims the copyright, and a german version is also online .

The small arcanscool sees itself as the modern outer presentation of the "White Brothership", on the basis of the books of Alice Bailey, and meanwhile two indish masters confess to the WGW.

Eventually has A. A. Bailey met Master D.K.(about whose existence i have no doubts) first later. Therefore should the maxim of the Buddha concerning the recognizing reason be considered, which stands also at the beginning of the books, even if a text comes from a master, because even God acts with deception(anger, delusion, Maya) downward and often instructs the masters this way.

Still there are contradictions between the older statements like about the symbolic reappearance of Christ or of the force of Christ and newer expectations like ("He comes ahead of time"). But the presented date 1980 is over. I personally think that the end of the momentary cycle is 2025 as A. A. Bailey indicates elsewhere in the books.

"Before, however, Christ could come with His disciples, our present civilization had to die. During the coming century, we shall begin to learn the meaning of the word "resurrection," and the new age will begin to reveal its deep purpose and intention. The first step will be the emergence of humanity from the death of its civilization, [23] of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of its materialistic goals and its damning selfishness, and its moving forward into the clear light of the resurrection. These are not symbolical or mystical words but part of the general setting which will surround the period of Christ's reappearance; it is a cycle as real as the cycle of conferences now so busily organizing. Christ taught us when He came before the true meaning of Renunciation or of the Crucifixion; this time His message will be concerned with the resurrection life." (A. A. Bailey , Reappearance, II 21)

A. A. Bailey speaks in her books about the "White Brothership" of the "Sanat Kumara" who had to leave the spiritual worlds Sirius-System millions of years ago on the order of the ONE and to go into our solar system, first on the buddhic plane of the Venus.
She describes the ONE as a divine LOGOS above the Satya-Loka on the fourth cosmic initiation, who controls the logos of our sun and six further logosses in synthesis.
She describes the path of initiations in the context of this brothership - the human and the solar cycles, and she says that the momentary cycle will end in 2025.
Master D.K. tries to present the White Brothership of the S.S. Kumara as the saviours of our solar system in a desperate and dark situation. She says that this brothership stands in the background of most of the spiritual activities on earth and that the other smaller brotherships have no real right of existence. The cooperative collaboration with Buddhism is not quite true and the brothership accepted the Loka of Buddha Gautama first after centuries.

Since the end of Atlantis this brothership does not acknowledge the free will of man, what means that she is responsible for the happenings on our planet (i.e the Manu, burt in reality the One from sirius).
At the beginning of the last century was the the S.S. Kumara allowed to begin his first cosmic initiation, and since then his masters work only for common tasks (planes) and not for the individual person.

Master Christ is presented as a member and as the mightiest master of this brothership, but strangly not the foresaid coming Avatar.
The real avatar of this brothership is first expected in 2025, coming with in a big light, but paradoxically A. A. Bailey admits that the brothership will not find any disciples on earth in the coming centuries.

The scope of her 24 books and the multitude of the themes are impressing, but they are lacking of details for the practical use. The other point is that several discrepancies in the books, for example about the coming back of Christ in the year 1980, first only as a force, then as a real person, exist.
Therefore the preface with the citation of the Buddha should always be kept in mind.

The arcanscool beleives that "the time of der destruction is practically over", but their 'old comment' says :
"That which is a mystery shall no longer be so, and that which has been veiled will now be revealed; that which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light, and all men shall see and together they shall rejoice. That time will come when desolation has wrought its beneficent work, when all things have been destroyed, and men, through suffering, have sought to be impressed by that which they had discarded in vain pursuit of that which was near at hand and easy of attainment. Possessed, it proved to be an agency of death - yet men sought life, not death." So runs the Old Commentary when referring to the present cycle through which mankind is passing.
(A.A. Bailey : The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Introductory Remarks [333])
(A. A. Bailey , Seven Rays V, page327, ff - Lucis Trust).
First for a time in 2500 years sees master D.K. a spiritualized mankind.

It is correct that the brothership has done much for the solar system that could have been done by the powerful solar hierarchy too, especially for the higher worlds of the Venus-System(which has further big occult problems) but only with the background that the S. S. Kumara could develop quicker through that and get quicker rid of his Karma - all under the control of the One from Sirius whom he will replace after completion of his cosmic initiations.

For our earth was the arrival of the brothership more an esoteric disaster, and since that time is our earth a negative planet because of the plans of the ONE from Sirius.
The excuse of master D.K. that the planetary Karma is denser through the faster development is therefore not plausible. The black powers were forced to permeate our planet, what is known in the legend as the fall of "Lucifer and his angels" into the earth, and later as the Atlantic War, including what one might associate with that(an illuminated coeval will eventually see this as a dispute about castles in the air).
Christ is said to have liberated the surviving sunk souls 2000 years ago, but the largely sank again forever, because our planet was still dark and not really raised or transformed or cleaned.

There is the adumbration that the masters work in reality for the higher development of the group of masters and for the lower planes only insofar as this is necessary for their own development. The selection of activities is embossed by the advancement of the planetary global planes and only indirectly for the supporting individuals.
In this way (at first with the development of Venus), the Sanat Kumara could develop much faster than on the Sirius, for the beginning of the first cosmic initiation on the Plejads ('around which our solar system circles'; divine cosmic "Mothers"), and he will first at the end  of the so-called "third solar system" return to the Sirius to the high places of divine bliss, after the completion of his cosmic initiations.
When the Kumara started his first cosmic initiation on the Pleiades at the beginning of the last century, he had to give up any activities for the individual souls. His masters were at the same time no more allowed to work fo the individuals but only for the planes. But that does not mean that the divine does not (ab)use the individuals for his rudeless plans.

Hard to believe is the expression, that the historical Buddha (also known as the consummate master of wisdom - Christ is seen as a perfect master of love) works closely together with this brothership. Buddha Gautama and His loka were at first not accepted by the brothership and Buddha Gautama warned that the masters and the great gods only want to use the disciples. According to my own information Lord Buddha holds his own atmic Loka near Shamballah (possibly known as Tusita heaven).
Strange is also the statement that the Brothership will not find disciples in the coming centuries. The coming Avatar is foresaid to tell the whole truth. It gives the the impression that the whole truth is not good to the face of the Brothership!

These quotations are being met, and they enlighten the fundamental problem of spirituality in our solar system for the true searchers, for which this webpage has been written.

The Divine is very well regarded somewhat different than in the many writings of the masters, who are conformistic and idealize and glorify the positive aspects of the divine, so that the whole truth is not expressed, most often out of fear of punishment or to be incarnated.
It is hardly mentioned that also the negative forces come out of the divine "Earth-Element-Principle", - most as dark Maya-forces as in Hinduism as Kali or Mahakala.
Those 12 properties as love, grace and mercy are only petals of the sixth or lower divine monadic level and therefore impersonal. The more personal 12 properties are reflected on the fifth level(Atman), but they are not so astral humanised.

Man is only a means for the purpose of the evolution of the soul and he should (and must unconscioulsly) serve the plan of the respective Logos or One, who completely disregards him as a beeing of the lower forces and planes.
Man is for the Divine something perishable created, whose Karma determines him directly and indirectly, but he is as something indivudual not respected, especially not the beings of the four lower worlds, on which the divine looks with anger(Maya). (See also the St. John's Revelation: "Nobody before the throne could persist before the anger of the Lamb and the Throne").

Apart from an extensive theoretical discussion of the aspects of spirituality and esoteric psychology and philosophy are hardly concrete exercises in the books.
Meister D. K. says too that it is not the aim of the brothership to enlighten the disciples quickly(like tibetan buddhism does), but that they first had to learn to serve and to have humility, what can take several lives (if the soul survives these reincanations...).

The arcanscool meditates on Shamballah, and on the hearts of mankind, and she offers a solar group meditation[2.] etc. But master D.K militates against that gurus teach OM-breath-Meditation-methods to fine ladies and gentlemen, who just intend to make their life more comfortable and more pleasant thereby.

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