Universal Spirituality

The spiritual transformation of the human soul


Spirituality is something that present man has to elaborate completely.
Man has a kind of soul, which is of interest for the path of white magic. He has the spirituality only as hidden facility, and only a small part of the momentary mankind has a spiritual development.

 Spiritual self-realization 

Spiritual self-realization is thus not a self-realization and self-discovery in the secular sense, but a higher self-realization in the sense of the personal dharma, a process of purification and subsequent development of the spiritual self (Jivatma, Paramatma, Trikaya) with the goal of a divine self-identification and the associated permanent enlightenment.

The path of spiritual development, the multi-stepped universal doctrine, develops the access to these high planes in contrary to the magical path, which first develops the lower and the mental planes and eventually climbs higher later.

The goal of spirituality is enlightenment (Moksha, Jivanmukti, Nirvana) and beyond.