Tarotcard 3

        ג  -  Gimel  -   ג  

3. The ruler

In her head she wears a three-crowned crown.

Her hair is golden yellow and curled inside.

Behind her head is a white circle with 12 golden five stars.

Behind her back are two gray wings.

She is wearing a tight red dress with a golden border and a gold belt.

In her right hand she holds a shield with a painted eagle.

In her left hand she holds a ruler with a cross and a pallet as a symbol of the earth and as a reference to the just completed earth element - cycle of the second main-cycle, which corresponds to the beginning of the Niyama phase  of Ashtanga yoga.

To her left is a white flower symbolizing purity and chastity.

The legs are accordingly covered with an outside blue and inside green clothes

The left foot stands on an inverted double crescent which is gray inside.

The floor is striped. In the background is a small wall.