The Unicorn is a mythical creature with horse shape and a straight horn on the forehead.
It is considered the noblest of all fables and is also a symbol of the good.
The depiction of the mild goddess Kuan-yin, resting on a lying unicorn, is reminiscent of the group Unicorn Virgin, known in the Occident, in China. 
The image of a virgin who tamed a unicorn can also be found in the Chludoff Psalter.









10 : Hart and unicorn (: Book of Lambspring)










Virgin with Unicorn (Chludoff Psalter)

In alchemy, the unicorn symbolized the Spiritus Mercurius, similar to the lion. The lion was appeased from the alchemical point of view by the worship of the unicorn, which stood for the active purity, the fertilizing sword, and the penetrating power of Mercury's spirit.

In the Book of Lambspring, the Unicorn and the Deer
are facing each other. in the third picture.

Esoterically the unicorn symbolizes the spirit which can only be tamed by the developed virgin soul.

In the Hebrew Bible the reem or reëm (Hebrew: רֵםאֵם), translated as a unicorn or 'wild ox', is mentioned nine times (Job 39: 9-10, Deuteronomy 33:17, Numbers 23:22 and 24: 8, Psalms 22 : 21, 29: 6 and 92:10, Isaiah 34: 7).

In mythology the unicorn refused to enter Noah's ark.

In Job 39 we read: Do you mean the unicorn will serve you and stay at your crib?
10 Can you build up your rope, make the furrows, and break it in the valleys behind you?
11 Will you rely on the beast that it is so strong, and will you let it work for you?
12 Do you trust him to bring your seed back to you, and gather it into your barn?

In the fourth book of Moses, 23:22, it is said that God brought them out of Egypt. His freedom is like a unicorn.
Psalm 22, verse 22 reads: Help me out of the mouth of the lion, and deliver me from the unicorns.

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