The secret tarot of the initiates


The 22 Tarotcards have a secret meaning as the 22 steps of human spiritual evolution.

Tarot 1

Tarot 2

Tarot 3

Tarot 4

Tarot 5

The 22 tarotcards : Oswald Wirth (1860 - 1943) published the  first version 1889 in 'Le Livre de Thot comprenant les 22 arcanes du Tarot'. A second version with golden borders appeared 1926 in 'Le Tarot, des Imagiers du Moyen Age'.

The original 1st version is at fichier online , the second version at tarot-heritage(and at others like pinterest).

Tarot 6

Tarot 11

Tarot 16

The Oswald


Tarot -

Deck 2



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