The  Cheops Pyramid


The Cheops-Pyramid was an ancient temple for initiation and  a symbol of the path.

On the wall of the only for a small boy accessible part  above the high chamber(10) stands a motto : Friends of the pharaoh

 The numbers in the picture (above) are not the steps of the universal path, but
  3 : The Choice (step 6)
  9 : The long path (of step 15)
 10 : Hall of initiation(u.path 18)

Beyond 7 : Small chamber of the etheric path of white magic - at the end of U.Path  14

Still deeper in the black area : 5 The Hall of Samsara (Apophis, Underworld - better:Tartarus)  Public dom.

            Gizeh Pyramid complex with 2 temples