White Magic

The white magic develops the lower esoteric bodies and forces up to the buddhic plane and controls the negtive forces.  The origin of occult magic is in egypt, where it was symbolized by the godhead  Heka.

Also Shamanism and the basics of Taoism  belong to white magic, and mostly not 'wordly' orientated Voodoo, though  Voodoo tradition makes its own distinction between black and white magic. In the context of tantra it is known as Shantika-karma (zhi-ba'i 'phrin-las) in contrast to black magic or Raudra-karma (drag-po'i phrin-las).

= Franz Bardon ==


A well known magic adept was Franz Bardon, who lived in Europe in Czechoslovakia and published a system of magic.

About the Author(the legend) :
In 1924, the spirit of a high hermetic adept entered the body of a fourteen-year-old child named Franz Bardon, destined to become one of the most remarkable magicians of the twentieth century.
Though he maintained a normal life as an industrial mechanic and family man in the Czech town of Opava, his other, occult life was full of attainment and tragedy.
Before World War II he worked as a stage magician. During the last years of World War II, Franz Bardon spent three and a half years in a concentration camp. After the war, he practiced as a Naturopath and Graphologist and devoted himself to the teaching of Hermeticism and the writing of his books.
His work was interrupted forever in 1958, when he was arrested during one of Czechoslovakia's notorious Communist purges. He was falsely accused of not paying taxes on alcohol used in the preparation of spagyric remedies; he was further accused of treason, for allegedly making unfavorable comments about his country in a letter to Australia. On July 10, 1958, Franz Bardon died under "unusual circumstances" in a prison hospital in Brno, Czechoslovakia.

These books describe the path of the WHITE MAGIC - together with introspection and as a servant of the divine ( but as a carrier of light, still with a human EGO : Ahamkara )

Some ten years later a swedish magician Stejnar found a key, which translates the angel-names of Franz Bardon into similar ancient names of stars in the sky. So it may seem that there are mistakes in the books of Franz Bardon.
But it can be too, that the old public names ("Abramelin",Peter Hammer 1725) have this secret key.

A consideration of the angel - names transferred by Franz Bardon from quabbalistic sights suggests this. Translating the Quabbala-book with this key would be a fatal error.

Franz Bardon says that these names and seals are preliminary, and the genius gives new ones after the first direct contact.

It should not be forgotten, that these angels live on the mental plane, which is one of the four worlds of Maya, and which should not be changed with entities like the four divine archangels in the 5th plane.

Franz Bardon defines Karma Yoga as "to do good deeds" - but Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad - Gita :" Good deeds done at the wrong place are not good deeds." So the adept will have to develop a higher wisdom than human 'wisdom'.
In his book "Practice of Magical Evocation" he speaks about one genius which initiates into the knowledge of the inner unity of all religions.

A demonstration of impossible things that are possible with occult magic is the SHOW of a David Copperfield, who is (from my sight) a master adept and not just a stage magician. Copperfield said in the 90s openly that not he himself but his ghosts do these magic effects. Of course he is not the only master-adept on stage.

The main problem of magic are many occultists who do not practice introspection, the black adepts and the black masters who both abuse their forces (siddhis like "dragpo") against mankind and for their personal aims.

Occult abilities like clearvoiance and reading of the thoughts of others or the use of occult forces would be an attraction for many people who would hardly be able to resist to the possibility of the abuse of such new possibilities.
A bad example is the Voodoo which is used for worldly purposes and sometimes for black magic. Therefore the disciples had to solve hard examinations in the past before they were initiated (as introspection).

I mention the books of Franz Bardon here because they are the only systematic course which is known to me and not like the boooks of A. Crowley and others.
But since their first appearance in 1957 these books have been altered, and therefore the seeker should be cautious. It must be said in this context, that the astral path does not lead to higher developement. The astral plane is just a positive polarity of the negative forces, whereas the material world is the negative polarity of the negative forces - all indirect forces of Maya.

  What have Franz Bardon and the White Magic common with the UNIVERSAL PATH ?

The spiritual path and the path of white magic go quasi parallel until step 14 of the UNIVERSAL PATH. The magic path makes then a broad horizontal development in the buddhic plane.

In the Cheops-pyramid this knowledge was symbolized as the middle path into the small chamber(step 15magic).  Even here is a 'white child' born, but not the divine child "Horus".

Steps : The comparable steps 1-6 are equivalent with control of thoughts, , introspection and removal of big desires and passions as described in his book "Initiation into Hermetics".
Pranayama is described there as concentration of energy and life-force.
The realization of the two big magic fluids - the electric and the magnetic fluid - is equivalent to step 12 of the Universal Path - but normally with lower energies.
After mastering the universal light and the perfect magic balance the adept becomes master of the Akasha.
Therefore are even the highest ADEPTS no masters. They would have to go through the process of transformation by the power of the "Synthesis of the spiritual Spheres" : "The appearance of the spheres is like an endless flash end ", says the Kabbalah (Sepher Jezirah) und a bit further.

On this follows a broad developement on the mental plane and in the Akasha and a kind similar to divination. All this is not a developement in the astral plane ! ( Out of this reason only few people pass the weighing of the third day of the "Chymic wedding" of Christian Rosenkreutz. )

Later the "magician of the spheres" or the Quabbalists can of course receive the necessary knowledge of the methods of divination, ie. step 15-20 of the UNIVERSAL PATH, for example with quabbalistic methods.

The Problem of the occult magician is that he works with the forces of the 4 lower planes, with material, astral and mental forces and akasha, who are indirect forces of Maya, and which are under control of the individual small Ego (Ahamkara, Mahat). These forces lead to a separatist attitude and bring about a state which nourishes the personality. Therefore is his natural aspiration also worldly and he only can "escape" through practice of Introspektion as servant of the divine providence.
The soul energy, the true higher individuality, can so not develop and appear, even if he is aligned positively.
First on the trial path is the spiritual aspirant freed from the direct influence of Maya. The motivation of most magicians is therefore the acquisition of occult skills for personal purposes, without practice of introspection, and so walks the majority of the magicians more or less on the black path of personality, which dies on the spiritual path at latest on step 19 - but the higher fall off can still happen until step 19.

The white Adept reaches erverything through his willpower, and so he is a master of the first ray.

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Fr. Bardon wrote several books :

* Initiation into Hermetics : A Course of Instruction of Magic
Theory and Practice
Hardcover 6th edition (October 1993)
Brotherhood of Life Books; ISBN: 0914732102

* Practice of Magical Evocation
Hardcover - 492 pages 4 Ed edition Vol 2 (June 1991)
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* Key to the True Quabbalah ( An incredible book ! )
Hardcover - 279 pages 2 Ed edition Vol 3 (June 1975)
Merkur Pub Co; ISBN: 188592805X