Tarotcard 22

22: The world


The highest unity (The highest ADI-Shakti or better Para-Shakti of kashmir shaivism). 

The parashakti's veil is the divine cosmic fire.

First on this step the master becomes a Satguru of the seventh of the seven big initiations.

Nevertheless use many enlightenend people and lower masters of step 19 this title.

This step is not yet the very highest divine (but for human beeings). It is the gate to the highest divine out of which the primary force of creation (the Para-Nada) flows : Relevation of St. John, 22.

On these 22 steps follow theoretically two further initiations up to the Param-Shiva-Tattwa - the two missing leaves of the rosicrucian chymical wedding.

Then the master stands at the gate to the unreachable  cosmic initiations. Further developements are not possible on our earth and not for men.