Outer religions ...........


Religion, occult magic and spirituality can be completely different areas.

Religion can be abused to make money (example : Christian Science), and magic practices and some directions of tantra can be abused to win occult forces (black tantra).

Religion can have the psychological background of many members of religious groupings, and it  can be an escape into a community or group, a 'family', apart from possible existing social exertions.

The criticism of other religions is often a form of religious self-expression. Where a religion raises an absolute claim of one's own faith, spiritual self-realization is usually lacking. Religion then manifests itself in external dead ceremonies and doctrines.  Sometimes, however, there are also group interests of schools behind it.

In monotheism, where a supreme god is often the only God, other sights of God and the doctrines  are generally criticized and rejected.  But God has here often only an alibi function.  This form of criticism has played a major role in the history of religion.

True spirituality, however, is not a religious faith, but a spiritual development path accompanied by a spiritual philosophy.