J. Lorber : Master Emanuel


In the volumes of  J. Lorber's “household of God” arises a master Emanuel instead of Jesus. His activities take place in the sumeric area.

He teaches in contrast  to Jesus that God is directly and indirectly responsible for everything. Everything must therefore be as it is.

He establishes Adam and Eva from a far planet , however not the mankind, which already exists and is not for him.

He citates the satan as a dragon, who then appears as an 'exceptionally beautiful woman'. and admits that he is the fallen kernel of the fallen overcosmic woman. But he argues that the real reason for the fall was an extraordinary extreme and provoking and bulleying examination by the creator.

Master Emanuel leaves no other choice as between himself (= God) and the Satan. At Satan's wish Emanuel gives him a new male body, after the Satan had argued that he cannot love god in a female body.

Master Emanule sees himself as the fright of the devils in the hells, to which he sends punishment angels, who strike the devils, if things become there too bad and evil.

The above mentioned dragon gets a few stick blows, after he loose-puts with a gush of slandering, what the master had allegedly done to him. He promises then under duress to obey it in the future. Master Emanuel says however openly, that the Satan will never convert to him.

He tells about his own future, that he will have to incarnate in our “great time” under biggest difficulties and that the Satan will try to kill him, but that he will not succeed.

To what extent also he is away from the reality, shows the scene, in which he gives the Satan a light-being as a wife because the Satan pretends that he is not able to love God, The Satan spoils with her immediately with his forces into a dämon.
The sun-light-wife was not at all asked, if she wanted to live together with the Satan(…free will and fate…). (To the headakes concerning the existence of the devil a remark: In Hinduism are the devils the 'Pisachas' - and this site is not for materialists...-though Lorbers books are mostly but not complete phantasies.)

On the other hand he is a genuine 'guru': He protects his pupils by warning the enemies once, and the next time the earth devours them. At him the modern 'gurus' could be measured.

In an old Gnostic text (God is in many gnostic directions an Abraxas ) I  read in similar way that God creates himself angels. If he has enough of them, he sends them with the argument "do You love me so much that You are willing to fight against the beings of darkness" into the worlds of darkness. Then  he creates himself new angels.....