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Title Qigong exercise to treat various illnesses of the abdomen

Xiuzhen miyao, a gymnastic (daoyin/qigong) text of unknown origin, was rediscovered and published with a preface by Wang Zai in 1513 (8th year of the Zhengde reign period of the Ming dynasty).

It records 49 exercises. This illustration depicts Bawang ju ding(the Conquering Overlord raises the ceremonial vessel), a technique used to treat miscellaneous abdominal conditions. It is practised as follows: Sitting upright, one places the left hand on the knee while raising the right arm, and circulates Qi for 12 breaths. One then circulates Qi for 12 breaths with the right hand on the knee and the left arm raised.

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Keywords: Medicine, Chinese Traditional; Martial Arts; Exercise Therapy; Exercise Movement Techniques; Qigong

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