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Palenque - El Palacio 20 - Relief.jpg
English: Stucco relief at the Palace, Maya ruins at Palenque, as drawn by Ricardo Almendáriz at the time of the Del Rio expedition in 1787. On the right, a recent photo of the same relief.
Source Library of Congress[1][2]
Author Ricardo Almendáriz
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Partially restored version of File:PalenqueA.jpg. Multiple perspective crops. Removed dirt, stains, and smudges. Localized partial desaturation and contrast and brightness adjustments. Gradient brightness mask applied. Histogram adjusted and colors balanced. See also File:PalenqueAb.tif (partial restoration) and File:PalenqueAc.tif (full restoration, uncompressed).

See also : https://www.loc.gov/resource/rbc.2005kislak1/?st=gallery   and http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.rbc/kislak.74394.2 (PDF)