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             Tarot 10


Step 10 : The Wheel (of Dhamma)

Two crescents swimming on a sea. A red snake and a green snake come out of the crescents.

The crescents are the fundament of a long  rod, at the top of which a wheel is attached. The whell is   inhabited by a deity and a demon.

The sea is the quieted sea of "Samsara"

Hinduism has a Garbhodaka Ocean and the milkocean, the spinning of which is here symbolized(-> Kurma-Avatar).

The two sphinxes of card 7 have developed and united, and the frontside has the color of the one spinx while the backpart has the color of the other sphinx of card 8.

The sphinx above the wheels holds a sword and has two wings.

The chela has now developed the inner cycle of energies and controls them.




   The Pharao-sphinx    resembles to buddha    Manjushri.