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The founder of Eckankar Paul Twitchell was a disciple of Sufi-Master Sudar Singh whom he left him after several years. He wrote several books like "Stranger by the river" and said to have met a tibetan master Rebazar Tarzs from an alleged tradition of the VENUS with more than 300 masters(so he was official not a disciple of Kirpal Singh).

He wrote about the periodic cycles of 6000 years of human cultures and of the coming destruction of our culture by "fire". The following destruction after further 6000 years would nearly erase mankind completely. Then our planet will be populated by an extraterrestial race for 10 million years.

His Mahanta - Successor Darwin Ross married an attractive disciple in London. He expected spiritual love, and she expected personal love. So the marriage suddenly ended after 14 days. He died some time after that.

In 1981 his Mahanta-Successor became Harold Klemp. At first he did not expect the surrender of the disciples to see him as a guru but only as a leader.

ECK is the Divine Spirit, or "Current" of life that flows through all living things. Eckankar is a system of belief that seeks to unify the person’s soul with Light and Sound which are two aspects of the the Divine Holy Spirit.

Eckankar teaches five simple spiritual exercises(varnatmik und dhunatmic : Eck-Kalam, Unmani dhun : Hiuh, Surat Abbyas : Satnam, Vigyan Dhhan-Nadameditation, a Consciousness - dislocation - exercise) - all for the experience of Light and sound of God. These exercises are a help for Soul Travel and to move into greater states of consciousness. The techniques of soul-travel are for progressed disciples, who first can do that at all - with the exception if the Guru uses his power. Eckankar knows 10 main planes (PDF) up to the SUGMAD(Ocean of love and mercy) and talks about shabda as BANI in the letters. These worlds are similar to the worlds of Sant Mat or Radhasoami und lead to the feet of the highest lord(SAT). Again the existence of Maya and its connection to the 5 lower planes is not mentioned.
The aim of all this is a consciousness of 360 degrees (as it has been described by Gopi Krishna in his book : Kundalini). But that is by far not yet the enlightenment !

Beginners receive teaching-letters that talk about exercises and the ten worlds of the ECK and a sleep techniqe cannot lead to spiritual progress without the . But why should the master develop his disciples in sleep if other masters are not allowed to do that.

Sri Harold Klemp : The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Eckankar: Ancient Wisdom for Today: How Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel Help You Find God, TODD CRAMER



8 Hu ( Anamai Loka ) Satya Loka
7 Agama Lok ( Hukikat Lok - Alaya Lok - Alakh ) Tapo Loka
6 Lok Atma Lok (Sugmad) Jana Loka
5 Etheric(Baju) Mahar Loka
4 Mental - Omkar (not the Omkara of Ishivra in Tapo loka) Swar Loka
3 Causal (Mana - Ramkar) (prana)
2 Astral (Kala) Bhuvar Loka
1 Physical (Alayi) Bhu Loka

Saint Kabir said "Kabir DHARA agam ki, satguru di lakhay. Tahi ulat sumrin kar, SWAMI sang milay." He said that the stream(dha-ra) of Agama-Loka has to be transformed before it can unite with the Swami.


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