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Moksha (Sanskrit: mokṣa m. , release) or Mukti (liberation) stands for  the deliverance from the cycles of rebirth of the soul and therefore also for the enlightenment of Nirvikalpa-Samadhi or Nirvana.

Another name is Jivanmukti or Jivan Mukta, the liberation of the developed individal spiritual soul, the Jivatman.

The  Varaha-Upanishad counts several steps of the Jivanmukta : Sayujya (sāyujya), Sarupya (sārūpya), Salokya (sālokya), Sarshti (sārṣṭi)  and Samipya (sāmīpya).

In this category are  Turiya and  Kaivalya of the Yogasutras.